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USS Ormsby (APA-49) Photo Gallery 7

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The pictures in this gallery were contributed by Jack Schwecke. Jack lived two blocks from my mother's home & attended the same high school my mother & father attended. Jack wants me to apologize in advance to any old shipmates whose names he cannot remember, as time has not been kind to his memory. If you can identify any of the unidentified people in these photos, please contact me by clicking here.

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Jim Slattery &
Jack Schwecke
Jack Schwecke & three friends Jack Schwecke, ? & Phil White Unidentified Sailor USS Ormsby Sailors
Cuck Follis Leonard Schilcher Audrey Scott Unidentified Sailor Raymond Lijewski & Unknown Sailor
Jack Schwecke Jack Schwecke Chief Boatswain George Gus Margarite Sailing to Tsing Tao
Boat Crews in Haiphong USS Ormsby in Haiphong Harbor Sanpan Fishermen in Haiphong Harbor Elmer Schumann “Grease Monkey” Elmer Schumann “Grease Monkey”
Jack Schwecke & Lawrence Schilcher Jack Schwecke & Leonard Schilcher USS Ormsby Sailors USS Ormsby Sailors USS Ormsby Sailors
Jack Schwecke & Lawrence Schilcher Leonard & Lawrence Schilcher Jack Schwecke with the Schilcher Twins Portland, Oregon 1945 Roosevelt Hotel HI-HAT Night Club, Houston, Texas
Jack Schwecke & Leonard Schilcher Lawrence Schilcher & Jack Schwecke Panama Canal Panama Canal Jack Schwecke & Marvin Schlichting
Jack Schwecke & his Model T "Lazarus" WWII Memorial, Houston Heights Jack Schwecke at WWII Memorial