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USS Ormsby (APA-49) Ship's Crew

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This is a list of USS Ormsby crew members as best I have been able to assemble them. I have collected these names from various documents and from e-mails I have received. If you know the name of someone who should be included on this list, click here to see how to contact me. If a name has the symbol beside it, click on the symbol to see a picture of the crew member.

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  A     (Return to top)  
  Abbott, Kenneth Kenneth Abbott
  Acalin, Ernest Anthony Ernest Anthony Acalin
  Adams, Arthur Joseph Arthur Joseph Adams
Adams, Douglas Ray Douglas Ray Adams
  Adams, Joseph Tilman Joseph Tilman Adams
  Adams, Michael Michael Adams
Adams, Robert Leo Robert Leo Adams
  Adams, Willie Willie Adams
Ainsworth, Walter Clifford Walter Clifford Ainsworth
  Albouze, Achille Raymond, Jr. Achille Raymond Albouze, Jr.
Alcott, Alex, Lt. Commander & Exectutive Officer Alex Alcott
  Alder, Jack Morton Jack Morton Alder
  Alderson, John Howard John Howard Alderson
  Alexander, Clarence Lee Clarence Lee Alexander
  Alexander, Ernest "D" Ernest "D" Alexander
  Alexander, Melvin Thomas Melvin Thomas Alexander
  Alexander, William William Alexander
  Allison, Cleve Hewitt, Sr. Cleve Hewitt Allison, Sr.
  Allison, S. F., Ensign S. F. Allison
  Allred, Elmer Dean Elmer Dean Allred
  Allred, Rolland Rolland Allred
  Alsobrook, Charles Stuart Charles Stuart Alsobrook
  Alston, Billy Jean Billy Jean Alston
  Alt, Alexander Alexander Alt
  Andersen, Victor Milton Victor Milton Andersen
  Anderson, George Jackson, Jr. George Jackson Anderson, Jr.
  Anderson, Harold Sigvard Harold Sigvard Anderson
  Anderson, T. M., Lt. (jg) T. M. Anderson
  Araiza, Jeronimo Jeronimo Araiza
  Araya, John Albert, Jr. John Albert Araya, Jr.
  Ard, William Riley William Riley Ard
  Arnold, Raymond P., LTJG (KIA at Guam) Raymond P. Arnold
  Arnovitz, Presley Presley Arnovitz
  Avant, Roman Roman Avant
  Ayala, George Estrada George Estrada Ayala
  B    (Return to top)  
  Back, Edwin Bertill Edwin Bertill Back
  Badger, Robert Roy Robert Roy Badger
Bahus, Charles Julius Charles Julius Bahus
  Bailey, Levert Levert Bailey
  Bairan, Frank Frank Bairan
  Baker, Curtis E. Curtis E. Baker
  Baker, Donald Leroy Donald Leroy Baker
  Bald , Harold C. Harold C. Bald
  Barber, Jack William Jack William Barber
Barboza, George George Barboza
  Barker, Kenneth Ray Kenneth Ray Barker
  Barnard, Earl Claude Earl Claude Barnard
  Batchelor, Martin Andrew Leeroy Martin Andrew Leeroy Batchelor
  Baxter, Herbert Nolen Herbert Nolen Baxter
  Baylor, Abraham Abraham Baylor
  Beals, C. T., Ensign C. T. Beals
Bearden, Guy Alfred, Jr. Guy Alfred Bearden, Jr.
  Beattie, Blake Irvin Blake Irvin Beattie
  Bechtel, John James John James Bechtel
  Beckner, Edwin Delmer Edwin Delmer Beckner
  Belliveau, Joseph Anthony Edmond Joseph Anthony Edmond Belliveau
  Bennett, Jesse "M" "G" Jesse "M" "G" Bennett
  Bennington, Roy Rhinehart Roy Rhinehart Bennington
  Berg, Roy Richard Roy Richard Berg
  Bernard, Jack Edward Jack Edward Bernard
  Betz, James William James William Betz
Bichteman, Albert, Jr. Albert Bichteman, Jr.
  Biehl, Glenn E. Glenn E. Biehl
  Biggins, Richard Mathew Richard Mathew Biggins
  Birth, Robert Lee Robert Lee Birth
Black, Arthur Clay Arthur Clay Black
  Black, Raymond Clifford Raymond Clifford Black
  Blackwell, Raymond Raymond Blackwell
Blackwood, Jackson Washington "Arkie" Jackson Washington Blackwood
  Blankenship, James Henry James Henry Blankenship
Blaire, Walter Lee Walter Lee Blaire
  Blitz, Daniel Daniel Blitz
  Bloomfield, Layton William Layton William Bloomfield
  Bluff, Robert Miller Robert Miller Bluff
  Bluhm, Alfred Robertson Alfred Robertson Bluhm
Bobbitt, James McDonald James McDonald Bobbitt
  Bogle, Thomas Eugene Thomas Eugene Bogle
  Bolden, Millard Alva Millard Alva Bolden
  Bonier, Auther James Auther James Bonier
Bonilla, Tom Cabral Tom Cabral Bonilla
  Bonin, Luby Joseph Luby Joseph Bonin
Booth, Thomas Prescott Thomas Prescott Booth
  Borchers, Harry Henry, Jr. Harry Henry Borchers, Jr.
  Bosse, J. E. J. E. Bosse
  Botting, Basil Loyal Basil Loyal Botting
  Boucher, Ross Cyril Ross Cyril Boucher
  Bouk, Lloyd Almond Lloyd Almond Bouk
  Boule, Roger, DDS Roger Boule
  Bower, Jack Avery Jack Avery Bower
Bowman, Jack Jamison Jack Jamison Bowman
  Boyce, Phelps Clement Phelps Clement Boyce
  Brannon, John Robert John Robert Brannon
  Braun, Raymond E. Raymond E. Braun
  Braun, William Benedict William Benedict Braun
Bray, Charles Lajoyce Charles Lajoyce Bray
  Breitenbach, Carl Graff, Jr. Carl Graff Breitenbach, Jr.
  Brekke, Melvin Conrad Melvin Conrad Brekke
  Brick, Earl John Earl John Brick
Briers, George Edward, Jr. George Edward Briers, Jr.
  Brison, Hubert Eugene Hubert Eugene Brison
  Brockway, James Edsel James Edsel Brockway
  Broden, Paul Paul Broden
Brooks, Samuel Eugene Samuel Eugene Brooks
  Brookshier, Robert Leroy Robert Leroy Brookshier
Brown, Charles Robert Charles Robert Brown
  Brown, Jimmie Lee Jimmie Lee Brown
Brown, Shirl James Shirl James Brown
Brown, Waldo Waldo Brown
  Brownholtz, William Henry, Jr. William Henry Brownholtz, Jr.
  Browning, Charles Alexander Charles Alexander Browning
Bruce, Luther Milton Luther Milton Bruce
  Bruner, James Edward James Edward Bruner
  Bruton, Lloyd Everett Lloyd Everett Bruton
  Bryant, John William John William Bryant
  Buck, Perry William Perry William Buck
  Buckelew, Robert Hall Robert Hall Buckelew
  Buckley, Larkin Leonard, Jr. Larkin Leonard Buckley, Jr.
Buclary, Apolon Paul Apolon Paul Buclary
  Budzinski, Michael Alphonse Michael Alphonse Budzinski
  Bumpas, Chester Lee Chester Lee Bumpas
  Buntzen, George Uber George Uber Buntzen
  Burchfield, Mack Mack Burchfield
  Burghart, Leonard George Leonard George Burghart
  Burke, Edwin Earl Edwin Earl Burke
  Burton, Norwin "D" Norwin "D" Burton
  Butch, Carl John Carl John Butch
  Butorac, Jack Paul Jack Paul Butorac
  Byerly, Max Henry Max Henry Byerly
  C     (Return to top)  
  Caffey, William William Caffey
  Calhoon, Charles Loren Charles Loren Calhoon
  Camp, Walter Cecil, Jr. Walter Cecil Camp, Jr.
  Campbell, Leland Floyd Leland Floyd Campbell
  Canfield, Howard Leon Howard Leon Canfield
Cannon, Lowell Wayne Lowell Wayne Cannon
  Canterbury, Ray Eugene Ray Eugene Canterbury
  Cantu, Jose Tambunga Jose Tambunga Cantu
  Capenter, Julian C. Julian C. Capenter
Carl, Jack R., Lt. Jack R. Carl
  Carlson, Charles Roland Charles Roland Carlson
  Carlson, Philip Arvid Philip Arvid Carlson
  Carlson, Robert Henry Robert Henry Carlson
  Carlson, Robert Henry Robert Henry Carlson
  Carr, Edward Clayton Edward Clayton Carr
  Carr, Herschel "V" Herschel "V" Carr
  Carr, James Benjamin, Jr. James Benjamin Carr, Jr.
  Carrigan, William Hackett William Hackett Carrigan
  Carroll, Charles Ellison Charles Ellison Carroll
  Carson, Charles Willis, Jr. Charles Willis Carson, Jr.
  Carter, George Frank George Frank Carter
  Carter, James Burrell James Burrell Carter
Carter, James Edward James Edward Carter
  Carter, Wilton Lee Wilton Lee Carter
Cass, William Foster William Foster Cass
  Cassell, Richard Edward Richard Edward Cassell
  Catron, Frank Burnell Frank Burnell Catron
  Chamberlin, William Leon William Leon Chamberlin
  Chancellor, Edgar Edgar Chancellor
  Chaney, James Edward James Edward Chaney
  Chartrant, Jack Edward Jack Edward Chartrant
  Chekas, George Angelo George Angelo Chekas
  Chelbian, Walter Walter Chelbian
  Cherry, John Daniel, Jr. John Daniel Cherry, Jr.
  Cherry, Lester Leon Lester Leon Cherry
  Chestnut, William, Lt. William Chestnut
  Chicon, Louie Moreno Louie Moreno Chicon
Choppa, John Peter John Peter Choppa
  Christie, Edwin John Edwin John Christie
  Christilles, Benjamin Emil Benjamin Emil Christilles
  Chrobak, Albert Edmund Albert Edmund Chrobak
  Clarke, Albert Alton Albert Alton Clarke
  Clarkson, Emery Estes Emery Estes Clarkson
  Clatterbaugh, Burnett Scott Burnett Scott Clatterbaugh
  Clayton, Joe Joe Clayton
  Clester, Louis T. Louis T. Clester
Cocks, George G., Lt. (jg) George G. Cocks
  Cocks, Storm Christiensen Storm Christiensen Cocks
  Coffey, John Frederick John Frederick Coffey
Coglianese, Frank Joseph (KIA at Guam) Frank Joseph Coglianese
  Cohen, Roy Roy Cohen
  Cohn, Burton Lt. Commander, SC-V(G), USNR, Supply Officer Burton Cohn
  Coker, Ben Frank Ben Frank Coker
  Coleman, Walter Harold Walter Harold Coleman
  Colgan, Walter Francis Walter Francis Colgan
  Collins, Charles Joseph Charles Joseph Collins
  Collins, William Albert William Albert Collins
  Condon, James Thomas James Thomas Condon
Conetta, Peter Salvatore Peter Salvatore Conetta
  Conklin, Keith Merle Keith Merle Conklin
  Conner, J. S., Lieut. J. S. Conner
Conners, Richard Russell Richard Russell Conners
Cook, Augustus Delma Augustus Delma Cook
  Cook, Charlie Hyram Charlie Hyram Cook
  Cook, Jack Edward Jack Edward Cook
Cook, Jack Martin Jack Martin Cook
  Cook, Jennings Bryan, Jr. (Wounded at Tarawa) Jennings Bryan Cook, Jr
Coombs, Ephraim Clinton Ephraim Clinton Coombs
  Corboy, Jerome Frank Jerome Frank Corboy
  Cork, James Robert James Robert Cork
  Cornell, Harold Eugene Harold Eugene Cornell
  Cowan, Merle Hollis Merle Hollis Cowan
  Cox, Glenn Alexander Glenn Alexander Cox
  Crain, Gerald Edward Gerald Edward Crain
  Crawford, Garland Tessley Garland Tessley Crawford
  Crawford, Herman Herman Crawford
  Crawford, Rigden Charles, Jr. Rigden Charles Crawford, Jr.
  Crha, Stanley Anton Stanley Anton Crha
  Crigler, Thomas Earl Thomas Earl Crigler
  Croffoot, Carlos Clifford Carlos Clifford Croffoot
  Cronin, Joseph D. Joseph D. Cronin
Cronin, William Bruce William Bruce Cronin
  Crooks, John Elbert John Elbert Crooks
Crossley, Daniel William Daniel William Crossley
  Crump, Joseph Summers Joseph Summers Crump
  Crumpton, Lester Washington Lester Washington Crumpton
Crutchfield, James W., DDS James W. Crutchfield
  Cruz, Eugene Serna Eugene Serna Cruz
  Cude , Donnie J. Donnie J. Cude
  Cumbie, Broadus Broadus Cumbie
  Curry, John, Jr. John Curry, Jr.
  Curtis, Breades Breades Curtis
  Curtis, Bryan Jennings Bryan Jennings Curtis
  Curtis, Ernest Ernest Curtis
  Curtis, Robert Roy Robert Roy Curtis
  Cusick, Francis Sterling Francis Sterling Cusick
  D     (Return to top)  
  Dant, Richard Walter Richard Walter Dant
  Darling, A. H., Lt. (jg) A. H. Darling
  Darnell, Harold Wilson Harold Wilson Darnell
  Daugherty, Winfield George, Sr. (WIA at Guam) Winfield George Daugherty, Sr.
  Davis, Chester Samuel, Jr. Chester Samuel Davis, Jr.
  Davis, Delbert LeRoy Delbert LeRoy Davis
  Davis, Ollie Monroe Ollie Monroe Davis
  De Coite, Roy James Roy James De Coite
  De Cristoforo, Richard Leonard Richard Leonard De Cristoforo
  De Fillippi, Pasquale Pasquale De Fillippi
  De Grove, Leon Clark Leon Clark De Grove
  De Journett, John Francis John Francis De Journett
De Loach, Leonard Glynn Leonard Glynn De Loach
  De Wald, Edward Edward De Wald
  Deahl, Charles Clyde Charles Clyde Deahl
Decker, Carlos Carlos Decker
  Deiterick, Jack Yost Jack Yost Deiterick
  Dela Cuesta, Victoriano Jamias Victoriano Jamias Dela Cuesta
  Delligatti, Robert Eugene Robert Eugene Delligatti
  Demarets, David Rogers David Rogers Demarets
  Demeder, Lee F. Lee F. Demeder
  Dempsey, Ernest W. Ernest W. Dempsey
  Dendy, James Edward, Jr. James Edward Dendy, Jr.
  Dennis, William Hillery William Hillery Dennis
  Dercher, Albert Joseph Albert Joseph Dercher
  Dermady, Bernard Joseph Bernard Joseph Dermady
  Derr, Richard Roth Richard Roth Derr
  Deutch, Frank Ephriam Frank Ephriam Deutch
  Dever, William E. William E. Dever
  Dickens, Erick Windell Erick Windell Dickens
  Dikinson, John F. Lt. John F. Dikinson
  Diederichs, William Peter William Peter Diederichs
  Dilday, Thomas Howard Thomas Howard Dilday
  Dill, Lonnie Charles Lonnie Charles Dill
  Dizon, Larry Larry Dizon
  Dodd, Leon Hubert, Jr. Leon Hubert Dodd, Jr.
  Donald, William David, Jr. William David Donald, Jr.
  Donnell, D. L., Jr., Ensign D. L. Donnell, Jr.
  Dotson, Laurence Neale Laurence Neale Dotson
  Doty, Charles Richard Charles Richard Doty
  Doty, Charles William Charles William Doty
  Douglas, "O" "L" "O" "L" Douglas
  Downs, Robert Harold Robert Harold Downs
  Drey, Lyle Wayne Lyle Wayne Drey
Drum, Hayes Edward Hayes Edward Drum
  Duckett, Lyle Adair Lyle Adair Duckett
Duncan, Obie Ray Obie Ray Duncan
  Duncan, Robert Ellis Robert Ellis Duncan
  Dunderdale, John John Dunderdale
Dunning, Robert Lincoln Robert Lincoln Dunning
Dwyer, John William John William Dwyer
  Dyess, John Carlton John Carlton Dyess
  E     (Return to top)  
  Echols, Conrid Conrid Echols
  Edmonds, Wayne Eugene Wayne Eugene Edmonds
  Edwards, Clyde, Jr. Clyde Edwards, Jr.
  Edwards, Robert Sidney Robert Sidney Edwards
Egelston, Thomas Junior "Larry" Thomas Junior Egelston
  Egelston, Thomas Phillip Thomas Phillip Egelston
  Eggers, George William George William Eggers
  Ehrlich, Daniel Daniel Ehrlich
Eichhorn, Ralph, Dr. Dr. Ralph Eichhorn
  Eidson, Clyde Spurgeon, Jr. Clyde Spurgeon Eidson, Jr.
  Ek, Woodrow Laverne Woodrow Laverne Ek
  Eline, Charles Henry, Jr. Charles Henry Eline, Jr.
  Ellis, Fredrick Arthur Fredrick Arthur Ellis
  Erick, George Frederick, Jr. George Frederick Erick, Jr.
  Erreca, Louis Michel Louis Michel Erreca
  Escobar, Rafael Rafael Escobar
  F     (Return to top)  
  Fairchild, Lee M. Lee M. Fairchild
  Fanning, Early Clifton Early Clifton Fanning
Farrish, Vernon Clifton Vernon Clifton Farrish
Fedio, Emil Emil Fedio
  Ferguson, Joe Carlton Joe Carlton Ferguson
Ferreira, Jose Jose Ferreira
  Fines, Robert Thomas Robert Thomas Fines
  Fischer, Walter Albert Walter Albert Fischer
Fisher, Lawrence Joseph Lawrence Joseph Fisher
  Fitzgerald, Robert Carl Robert Carl Fitzgerald
  Fitzwater, Harold Arthur Harold Arthur Fitzwater
  Flanagan, Thomas Mortimer Thomas Mortimer Flanagan
  Flores, Manuel L. G. Manuel L. G. Flores
  Floyd, Roscoe E. Roscoe E. Floyd
  Flynn, Richard matthew Richard matthew Flynn
Follis, Charles Vaughn Charles Vaughn Follis
Forbis, Billye Robert Billye Robert Forbis
  Ford, Roy Roy Ford
  Forst, Anthony Harold Anthony Harold Forst
  Frank, Carl MD Carl Frank
  Franken, George Julius George Julius Franken
  Frantz, Theodore Claude Theodore Claude Frantz
  Fraser, Thomas A. Thomas A. Fraser
  Frazier, Billy Max Billy Max Frazier
  Frazier, Charles William Charles William Frazier
  Freed, Ralph Duane Ralph Duane Freed
Freeman, Martin "Mike", USMC Martin Freeman
  Fretag, Justin Charles Justin Charles Fretag
  Freters, Marvin Joseph Marvin Joseph Freters
Frisco, Leonard M. Captain, D-M, USNR, Commanding Officer Leonard M. Frisco
  Fullum, James Francis, Jr. James Francis Fullum, Jr.
  Fulton, James Thomas James Thomas Fulton
  Funk, Warren Crongie Warren Crongie Funk
  G     (Return to top)  
  Gabriel, Neil Sigmon Neil Sigmon Gabriel
  Gaffney, Raymond A. Raymond A. Gaffney
  Gall, Kenneth Alan Kenneth Alan Gall
Galloway, John Lloyd John Lloyd Galloway
  Gamble, Harold Harold Gamble
  Gardner, Charley Clifford Charley Clifford Gardner
  Garrett, Lawrence L. Lawrence L. Garrett
  Garrett, William Kimball William Kimball Garrett
  Garrity, James Joseph, Jr. James Joseph Garrity, Jr.
  Gengler, Francis John Francis John Gengler
Gerlach, Jack Lee Jack Lee Gerlach
Giacalone, Nicolas Nicolas Giacalone
  Gilhardt, Henry Hudson Henry Hudson Gilhardt
  Gillespie, Joe Dean Joe Dean Gillespie
  Gilmore, Lawrence W. Lawrence W. Gilmore
  Gipe, Raymond LeRoy Raymond LeRoy Gipe
  Giufre, Antonio Antonio Giufre
  Glasgow, Edward William Edward William Glasgow
  Gold, Sam Harold Sam Harold Gold
Goldblatt, Arnold Phillip Arnold Phillip Goldblatt
  Goldener, Samuel Albert Samuel Albert Goldener
Goldman, Bernard Bernard Goldman
  Goldner, Samuel Albert Samuel Albert Goldner
Golightly, Norman Lee Norman Lee Golightly
  Gonzales, Dolores, Jr. Dolores Gonzales, Jr.
  Gonzales, Frank Frank Gonzales
  Gooch, James "L" James "L" Gooch
  Goodman, Dan Joseph Dan Joseph Goodman
  Grajewski, Stanley Joseph Stanley Joseph Grajewski
  Grasha, Lamar E. Lamar E. Grasha
Grassley, Andrew W. Andrew W. Grassley
  Graves, William Wallace William Wallace Graves
  Green, Cornelius Cornelius Green
  Green, Harold Winfred Harold Winfred Green
  Green, Samuel Samuel Green
  Greene, Charles Lindbergh Charles Lindbergh Greene
Greenwade, Aubrey Leon Aubrey Leon Greenwade
  Greer, Baxter Dixon Dodderidge, Jr. Baxter Dixon Dodderidge Greer, Jr.
  Grego, Bernard Alex Bernard Alex Grego
  Griffith, Jack LeRoy Jack LeRoy Griffith
  Griffith, William Harry, Jr. William Harry Griffith, Jr.
Grogg, Duane James Duane James Grogg
  Gromley, Robert Eugene Robert Eugene Gromley
  Grossman, Henery G. Henery G. Grossman
  Grove, Dale John Dale John Grove
  Guy, Wilbur Ray Wilbur Ray Guy
  H     (Return to top)  
  Hadwen, George Edward George Edward Hadwen
  Hale, Wilbur Wilbur Hale
  Hall, Billie J. Billie J. Hall
  Hall, David Raymond David Raymond Hall
  Hall, Frank Cosby Frank Cosby Hall
  Hall, Harold Harry Harold Harry Hall
  Hall, Junior Doniphan Junior Doniphan Hall
  Hallberg, Glen Arthur Glen Arthur Hallberg "Whitey"
Hallstrom, Albert Albert Hallstrom
  Hamilton, William Paul William Paul Hamilton
Hamlin, James Bradley James Bradley Hamlin
Hammersley, Lester Frank Lester Frank Hammersley
  Hampton, Ronnie D. Ronnie D. Hampton
Hancock, John Henry John Henry Hancock "Jack"
  Hanna, John Woodford John Woodford Hanna
  Harast, Leonard F. Leonard F. Harast
  Harkins, Thomas Edward Thomas Edward Harkins
  Harris, Augusta Augusta Harris
  Harris, Ullman Otho Ullman Otho Harris
  Hart, Kerbett Kerbett Hart
  Hatch, Joseph W. Lt. Joseph W. Hatch
  Hawke, Frank Clifford Frank Clifford Hawke
  Haynes, Henry Raleigh Overcash Henry Raleigh Overcash Haynes
  Hays, John Henry John Henry Hays
  Haywood, Oma L. Oma L. Haywood
  Headley, Sherman Lloyd Sherman Lloyd Headley
Heidt, James Edward James Edward Heidt
  Height, James Lewis James Lewis Height
  Hein, Howard Clifton Howard Clifton Hein
  Heist, Archie Archie Heist
  Heitzman, James Francis James Francis Heitzman
  Helm, George McClelland George McClelland Helm
  Helser, Harold Eugene Harold Eugene Helser
  Hemphill, Robie Gene Robie Gene Hemphill
  Henry, Charles L. Charles L. Henry
  Hester, Robert Mack Robert Mack Hester
  Heuchan, Robert Eugene Robert Eugene Heuchan
  Hicks, William Elmer William Elmer Hicks
Hietala, Otto Sylvester Otto Sylvester Hietala
Higgins, Harry Joseph Harry Joseph Higgins
  High, Aubrey Burr Aubrey Burr High
  Hillebrand, Joseph Francis Joseph Francis Hillebrand
Hine, Donald Meredith Donald Meredith Hine
  Hipple, William - Newsweek War Correspondent William Hipple
  Hirsch, Carl Carl Hirsch
  Hobbs, Henry Herbert Henry Herbert Hobbs
  Hoffman, Melvin "G" Melvin "G" Hoffman
  Hogue, Floyd Ephriam Floyd Ephriam Hogue
  Holan, William E., Jr. William E. Holan, Jr.
  Holderness, Doyle Aubray Doyle Aubray Holderness
  Holland, John "W" John "W" Holland
  Hollar, Edwin Leasure, Jr. Edwin Leasure Hollar, Jr.
  Holley, "J" Norris "J" Norris Holley
  Holley, Gerard Tilamon Gerard Tilamon Holley
  Hollis, Charles Lee Charles Lee Hollis
  Hollyfield, John Robert John Robert Hollyfield
Horka, Frank Frank Horka
  Houston, C. M., Lieut. C. M. Houston
  Hovland, Luther Jerome Luther Jerome Hovland
  Howard, Roy Darrell, Jr. Roy Darrell Howard, Jr.
  Hubert, William Ralph William Ralph Hubert
Huffine, Clayton Andrew Clayton Andrew Huffine
  Hughes, Bryan Franklin Bryan Franklin Hughes
  Hughes, Charles W. Charles W. Hughes
  Hughes, David Jackson David Jackson Hughes
  Hulse, James Calvin James Calvin Hulse
Hume, Brooks Kaylor Brooks Kaylor Hume
  Hunter, Vernell U. Vernell U. Hunter
  Hutchinson, William Grenville William Grenville Hutchinson
  I     (Return to top)  
  Inabinet , George K. George K. Inabinet
  Ingram, DeWayne William DeWayne William Ingram
  Ireland, Flemmon Flemmon Ireland
Irrgang, Otto Roderick, Lt. Commander Otto Roderick Irrgang
  Ivy, Joe Harrell Joe Harrell Ivy
  J     (Return to top)  
  Jackson, Paul LeRoy Paul LeRoy Jackson
  Jackson, Willie Rufus Willie Rufus Jackson
  Jansen, Robert Williams Robert Williams Jansen
  Janssen, Francis Adelbert Francis Adelbert Janssen
  Jellico, William Joseph William Joseph Jellico
  Jenkins, Billy E. Billy E. Jenkins
  Jenkins, Billy Eugene Billy Eugene Jenkins
  Jenkins, Robert James Robert James Jenkins
Jensen, Albert Dyer Albert Dyer Jensen
  Jensen, Coye Ellis Coye Ellis Jensen
  Jimenez, Antonio, Jr. Antonio Jimenez, Jr.
  Johnson, David Louis David Louis Johnson
  Johnson, Edward Charles Edward Charles Johnson
  Johnson, Eugene Earl Eugene Earl Johnson
  Johnson, Frank Kermit Frank Kermit Johnson
  Johnson, Glenn Clifton Glenn Clifton Johnson
Johnson, Harold Hershel Harold Hershel Johnson
  Johnson, Henry Wendell Henry Wendell Johnson
  Johnson, Jesse Lee Jesse Lee Johnson
  Johnson, William Monroe, Jr. William Monroe Johnson, Jr.
  Johnston, Robert Matthew Robert Matthew Johnston
  Jolly, Lloyd D. Lloyd D. Jolly
  Jones, Billie Rae Billie Rae Jones
  Jones, Clyde Clyde Jones
  Jones, Edward Francis Edward Francis Jones
  Jones, Joseph Mackary Joseph Mackary Jones
  Jones, Oliver Cecil Oliver Cecil Jones
  Jones, William Clifton William Clifton Jones
  Jordan, John Welk John Welk Jordan
  Jordan, Walter Augustus Walter Augustus Jordan
  Jung, Karl Werner, Jr. Karl Werner Jung, Jr.
  Jurewicz, Edward John Edward John Jurewicz
  K     (Return to top)  
  Kain, Weldon James Weldon James Kain
  Kaitangian, Raphael Raphael Kaitangian
  Kaltenbach, Edward Edward Kaltenbach
  Kane, Charles Edward Charles Edward Kane
  Kane, Joseph Peter Joseph Peter Kane
  Kappesser, Charles "H" Charles "H" Kappesser
  Karastamatis, Steve Steve Karastamatis
Kasey, George Carlan George Carlan Kasey
  Keelems, Harold Clifton Harold Clifton Keelems
  Keeley, James Lawrence, Jr. James Lawrence Keeley, Jr.
  Keena, Robert Wayne Robert Wayne Keena
  Kelley , Joseph Francis Joseph Francis Kelley
  Kemp, Sam Junior Sam Junior Kemp
  Kendall, Richard Vincent Richard Vincent Kendall
  Kennedy, John B. John B. Kennedy
  Kennedy, Matthew Matthew Kennedy
  Kephart, Raymond Frank Raymond Frank Kephart
  Kern, Bennie Leroy Bennie Leroy Kern
  Kessler, William Ira William Ira Kessler
  Kessner, Lawrence George Lawrence George Kessner
  Kettman, Louis Joseph Louis Joseph Kettman
  Keyser, Dale Franklin Dale Franklin Keyser
  Kidwell, Harold Laban Harold Laban Kidwell
  Killian, Edward Gustav Edward Gustav Killian
  King, George Daniel George Daniel King
  King, Homer Homer King
  King, Howard "M" Howard "M" King
  King, Opal Olgar Opal Olgar King
  Kinser, Jesse James Jesse James Kinser
  Kirchner, Minor Ralph Minor Ralph Kirchner
  Kirkman, Richard George Richard George Kirkman
  Kirkpatrick, Alford Burton Alford Burton Kirkpatrick
  Knaus, Walton Holmes Walton Holmes Knaus
  Knipe, Joe Thomas Joe Thomas Knipe
  Knott, Stanley Jerry Stanley Jerry Knott
  Knutson, Bert I. Bert I. Knutson
  Koch, Fred "F" Fred "F" Koch
  Kohli, David David Kohli
  Komar, Walter Edward Walter Edward Komar
  Kurtz, August August Kurtz
  L     (Return to top)  
  Lafata, Peter Salvatore Peter Salvatore Lafata
  Lampley, Bobby Ray Bobby Ray Lampley
  Lancy, William L. - Chaplain William L. Lancy
  Landon, Jackie Dave Jackie Dave Landon
  Lannen, James Edward James Edward Lannen
Lauck, Walter James Walter James Lauck
  Laughlin, Authur King Authur King Laughlin
  Lawson, Louis Ivan Louis Ivan Lawson
  Lee, Robert Dick Robert Dick Lee
  Lent, Cecil C., Jr. Cecil C. Lent, Jr.
  Lent, Cecil Charles, Jr. Cecil Charles Lent, Jr.
  Leonhard, Herbert Albert Herbert Albert Leonhard
  Lesniak, Thaddeus Michael Thaddeus Michael Lesniak
  Levy, Isaac Jerry Isaac Jerry Levy
  Lewis, Jackie Dale Jackie Dale Lewis
  Lewis, James Madison James Madison Lewis
  Lewis, William George William George Lewis
Lijewski, Raymond Stephen Raymond Stephen Lijewski
  Limo, Jack G. Jack G. Limo
  Linam, William Harold William Harold Linam
  Linaweaver, George E. George E. Linaweaver
  Lind, Jack G. Jack G. Lind
  Lindsey, "J" "C" "J" "C" Lindsey
Link, Boyd Lamar Boyd Lamar Link
  Lion, Robert George Robert George Lion
Livermont, Lawrence Walton Lawrence Walton Livermont
  Lo Pinto, Andrew F. Andrew F. Lo Pinto
  Lombard, Salvatore Charles Salvatore Charles Lombard
  Loneskie, William C. William C. Loneskie
  Long, Freddie Kenneth Freddie Kenneth Long
  Long, George Edward George Edward Long
  Long, Ralph Dewey Ralph Dewey Long
  Lopez, Roy Charles Roy Charles Lopez
  Lopinto, Andrew F. MD Andrew F. Lopinto
  Lotito, Robert Thomas Robert Thomas Lotito
  Loveland, James Gilbert James Gilbert Loveland
  Lovell, Allison B., Jr. Allison B. Lovell, Jr.
  Lowry, Harry Alexander Harry Alexander Lowry
  Lukenbill, William, Jr. William Lukenbill, Jr.
  Lumm, Melvin J. Melvin J. Lumm
  Lynch, Lester Schley Lester Schley Lynch
  M     (Return to top)  
  Mac Intyre, Harry Raymond Harry Raymond Mac Intyre
  Macey, Charles Elmo Charles Elmo Macey
  Maddox, Willard J. Willard J. Maddox
  Malone, Donald Eugene Donald Eugene Malone
  Mansir, Roy Paul, Jr. Roy Paul Mansir, Jr.
  Marable, Massey Harold Massey Harold Marable
  March, Robert Stevens Robert Stevens March
Margarite, George Gus George Gus Margarite
  Margicin, Francis Kenneth Francis Kenneth Margicin
  Marquart, R. D., Lt. (jg) R. D. Marquart
  Mari, Peter Paul Peter Paul Mari
  Marianno, John Gearld John Gearld Marianno
Marlar, Howard Paskle Howard Paskle Marlar
  Martin, Billy Lee Billy Lee Martin
  Martin, Eugene L. Eugene L. Martin
  Martin, Eugene Lavern Eugene Lavern Martin
  Martin, Wallace Wallace Martin
  Masoner, James Robert James Robert Masoner
  Massey, Charles H., Jr. Charles H. Massey, Jr.
  Masterson, Kenneth Albert Kenneth Albert Masterson
  Mather, Calvin Somers, Jr. Calvin Somers Mather, Jr.
Mathis, Irest Enoch Irest Enoch Mathis
Matta, Herbert Charles Herbert Charles Matta
  Mattson, Harold Irvin Harold Irvin Mattson
  Mauk, Harold Lincoln Harold Lincoln Mauk
May, James Floyd James Floyd May
Mc Adam, James James Mc Adam
  Mc Allister, Bobby Ray Bobby Ray Mc Allister
  Mc Claran, Otto Charles Otto Charles Mc Claran
  Mc Clay, Joseph, Jr. Joseph Mc Clay, Jr.
  Mc Cracken, Arthur Woodrow Arthur Woodrow Mc Cracken
  Mc Cue, Walter David "Wally" Walter David Mc Cue
  Mc Dermott, Foland Francis Foland Francis Mc Dermott
  Mc Devitt, William Lindsley William Lindsley Mc Devitt
  Mc Elroy, William Knoll William Knoll Mc Elroy
  Mc Gilligan, P. J., Lieut. P. J. Mc Gilligan
  Mc Gillis, Jasper Newton Jasper Newton Mc Gillis
  Mc Ginnis, Raymond Howard Raymond Howard Mc Ginnis
  Mc Gowan, Andrew Aloysius Andrew Aloysius Mc Gowan
  Mc Gregor, Willis H. Willis H. Mc Gregor
  Mc Grew, Homer Loren Homer Loren Mc Grew
  Mc Keeby, Donald Lee Donald Lee Mc Keeby
  Mc Kiernan, Robert Leroy Robert Leroy Mc Kiernan
  Mc Kinney, Lester James Lester James Mc Kinney
  Mc Kown, Leonard I. Leonard I. Mc Kown
  Mc Laughlin, Walter Shipley Walter Shipley Mc Laughlin
  Mc Leod, Ivan "S" Ivan "S" Mc Leod
  Mc Leod, Leland F. Leland F. Mc Leod
  Mc Millan, Dean Richard Dean Richard Mc Millan
  Mc Nabb, Ernest Edward Ernest Edward Mc Nabb
  Mc Neil, Joseph Anthony, Jr. Joseph Anthony Mc Neil, Jr.
  Mc Quown, Harold Eugene Harold Eugene Mc Quown
  McCormick, G. W., Commander, USNR, Executive Officer G. W. McCormick
Meacham, Samuel Street Samuel Street Meacham
  Melton, Bobby Harlow Bobby Harlow Melton
  Mercer, LeRoy Henry LeRoy Henry Mercer
  Meyer, Robert Earl Robert Earl Meyer
  Michael, Calvin B. Calvin B. Michael
  Michael, Harold Leroy Harold Leroy Michael
Mihalik, Edward Stephen Edward Stephen Mihalik
  Miller, Jack Hubbard Jack Hubbard Miller
  Miller, Jack R. Jack R. Miller
  Miller, LaVerne Michael LaVerne Michael Miller
  Miller, Melvin Glenn Melvin Glenn Miller
  Miller, William Edward William Edward Miller
  Mills, Andrew, Jr. Andrew Mills, Jr.
  Minner, Douglas Gene Douglas Gene Minner
  Mitchell, Harry D. Harry D. Mitchell
  Mittwer, Tod Erwin Tod Erwin Mittwer
  Molby, Robert Thomas Robert Thomas Molby
  Moniz, Anthony Anthony Moniz
  Moore, Blish Johnson Blish Johnson Moore
  Moore, Frank Eugene Frank Eugene Moore
  Moorman, Julian P., Chaplain Julian P. Moorman
  Morrison, Clyde Everett Clyde Everett Morrison
  Morrow, William B. William B. Morrow
  Morton, Ralph James Ralph James Morton
  Mosher, Arthur Eugene Arthur Eugene Mosher
  Mosley, Finley "M" Finley "M" Mosley
  Moss, Irving "M" Irving "M" Moss
  Moss, Jeffie Dillard Jeffie Dillard Moss
  Muldowney, John Sylvester John Sylvester Muldowney
  Mullins, Irvin Gale Irvin Gale Mullins
  Mussen, James Fredrick James Fredrick Mussen
  N     (Return to top)  
  Nelson, Gordon Edward Gordon Edward Nelson
  Nett, Melvin Leigh Melvin Leigh Nett
  Neubauer, Lawrence Lawrence Neubauer
  Neva, Alfred Charles Alfred Charles Neva
  Newberry, Joseph Ezra Joseph Ezra Newberry
  Newman, Leo Joseph Leo Joseph Newman
  Newman, William Wallace William Wallace Newman
  Newton, Richard Mark Richard Mark Newton
  Newton, Zephnia Zephnia Newton
Nickel, Eugene B. Eugene B. Nickel
  Niner, Willard George Willard George Niner
  Noble, Charlie Charlie Noble
Nordstrom, Carl C. Carl C. Nordstrom
  O     (Return to top)  
Oathout, Richard Warren Richard Warren Oathout
O'Brien, Oliver Joseph Oliver Joseph O'Brien
  O'Brien, Richard James Richard James O'Brien
  Ochiltree, T. H., Lt. Comdr. T.H. Ochiltree
Oden, Earl Howard Earl Howard Oden
  Oesterwind, Henry Arthur Henry Arthur Oesterwind
  Ogdon, Nathan Herman Nathan Herman Ogdon
  Ogert, John Joseph John Joseph Ogert
  Oram, Ray Crowdis, Jr. Ray Crowdis Oram, Jr.
  Orlik, Henry Francis Henry Francis Orlik
  Ortiz, Arthur Joseph Arthur Joseph Ortiz
  Osgood, Melvin William Melvin William Osgood
  Ostel, Daniel Daniel Ostel
  Ottensmeyer, Herbert William Herbert William Ottensmeyer
  Overman, Harold George Harold George Overman
  P     (Return to top)  
Paarman, Eugene Elmer Eugene Elmer Paarman
  Palmer, Godfrey Dee Godfrey Dee Palmer
  Parker, Earl Junior Earl Junior Parker
  Parker, Ray Theodore Ray Theodore Parker
Parks , Arthur Francis Arthur Francis Parks
  Parris , Otis Alfred Otis Alfred Parris
  Pasczyk, Walter James Walter James Pasczyk
  Patterson, Leonard Hazel Leonard Hazel Patterson
  Patterson, Paul Herbert Paul Herbert Patterson
  Patty, Darrell Borden Darrell Borden Patty
  Patun, Joseph Edward Joseph Edward Patun
  Payne, William D. William D. Payne
Peacock, Fentress McCoughan Fentress McCoughan Peacock
  Pearson, Francis Elde Francis Elde Pearson
Peek, Raymond Ellsworth, Jr. Raymond Ellsworth Peek, Jr.
  Peel, Vernon Vernon Peel
Pekich, George George Pekich
  Pence, Cleo Elliott Cleo Elliott Pence
Penhiter, Marvin Anthony Marvin Anthony Penhiter
  Penny, William Howard William Howard Penny
  Perlman, Julius Julius Perlman
Peterson, Charles Auskar Charles Auskar Peterson
  Peterson, Harmon Thomas Harmon Thomas Peterson
  Pezzolo, Melvin Ernest Melvin Ernest Pezzolo
  Pillow, Robert Martin Robert Martin Pillow
  Pinder, Leonard Floyd Leonard Floyd Pinder
Pintozzi, Joseph Michael Joseph Michael Pintozzi
  Piro, Charles Charles Piro
  Poland, Charles Lucious Charles Lucious Poland
  Pollock, Charles Robert Charles Robert Pollock
  Porter, Joe, Jr. Joe Porter, Jr.
  Powell, David Thomas, Sr. David Thomas Powell, Sr.
  Powers, Clarence Ralph Clarence Ralph Powers
  Powers, Jack Bernard Jack Bernard Powers
  Prentice, James H. James H. Prentice
  Preston, Robert Robert Preston
  Prewitt, Raymond Henry Raymond Henry Prewitt
Pribyl, Edwin Lee Edwin Lee Pribyl
  Price, John Winston John Winston Price
  Price, Robert M. Robert M. Price
  Puffer, Guage Edward Guage Edward Puffer
  Puliafito, Anthony Peter Anthony Peter Puliafito
  Pullen, William Harrison William Harrison Pullen
  Q     (Return to top)  
  Quinn, Le Roy W. Le Roy W. Quinn
  Quinn, Robert Winford Robert Winford Quinn
  Quintanella, Henry Albert Henry Albert Quintanella
  R     (Return to top)  
  Rainey, James Paul James Paul Rainey
  Ramirez, Isaac Isaac Ramirez
  Ramsay, Allen Adair Allen Adair Ramsay
Rappley, Rulon "S" Rulon "S" Rappley
  Rash, Walter Dudley Walter Dudley Rash
  Red, Stanley Cullen Stanley Cullen Red
  Redd, Howard Earl Howard Earl Redd
  Redd, Ralph Baker Ralph Baker Redd
  Redway, James Sutherland James Sutherland Redway
  Remark, John Richard John Richard Remark
  Renaud, Normand Lewis Normand Lewis Renaud
  Reul, George Desmond George Desmond Reul
  Reveal, Leo V. Leo V. Reveal
  Rhein, John J. John J. Rhein
  Rice, Eugine H. Eugine H. Rice
  Richmond, James D. James D. Richmond
  Rick, John, Jr. John Rick, Jr.
  Ricketts, Howard, Jr. Howard Ricketts, Jr.
  Ritter, Leonard B. Leonard B. Ritter
  Robbins, Clyde Clyde Robbins
  Robbins, Dudley Wayne Dudley Wayne Robbins
  Roberts, Danford Michael Danford Michael Roberts
  Roberts, James James Roberts
  Robinson, Aurthur Dudley, Jr. Lt. (jg) Arthur Dudley Robinson, Jr.
  Robinson, David J. David J. Robinson
  Robinson, Homer B. Homer B. Robinson
Roby, John W. John W. Roby
  Roe, Darwin Wright Darwin Wright Roe
  Romanow, Walter Frank Walter Frank Romanow
  Romero, Robert "E" Robert "E" Romero
  Rose, Kenneth C. Kenneth C. Rose
Ross, Robert Lyles Robert Lyles Ross
  Rouse, Leon Leon Rouse
  Rowe, Clifford Clifford Rowe
  Rowe, D. W. D. W. Rowe
  Rowland, Vernon Clure Phillip Vernon Clure Phillip Rowland
  Ruhland, Louis H. Louis H. Ruhland
  Rumpf, Gordon A. Gordon A. Rumpf
  Rund, Carl Alton Carl Alton Rund
  Rusch, William T. William T. Rusch
  Rushing, James R. James R. Rushing
  Russell, Robert Martin Robert Martin Russell
  Russell, Robert Willett Robert Willett Russell
  Ryan, John Eugene John Eugene Ryan
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  Salomonson, Ernest "G" "H" Ernest "G" "H" Salomonson
Santee, Carl R. Carl R. Santee
  Sarver, William F., Jr. William F. Sarver, Jr.
  Saunders, Hillard Hadley Hillard Hadley Saunders
  Schaffer, Herman J. A. Herman J. A. Schaffer
  Schauble, John "R" John "R" Schauble
  Schewe, Herbert Frank Herbert Frank Schewe
  Schiel, Kenneth J. Kenneth J. Schiel
Schilcher, Lawrence J. Lawrence J. Schilcher
Schilcher, Leonard Carl Leonard Carl. Schilcher
  Schlighting, Marvin "D" Marvin "D" Schlighting
  Schmidt, Donald William Donald William Schmidt
  Schmidt, Tommie Edward, Jr. Tommie Edward Schmidt, Jr.
  Schneider, Richard Otto, Jr. Richard Otto Schneider, Jr.
  Schrader, Donnell Eugene Donnell Eugene Schrader
  Schreiner, Marvin Lewis Marvin Lewis Schreiner
  Schultz, Philip A. Philip A. Schultz
Schumann, Elmer R. Elmer R. Schumann
  Schuster, Francis Joseph Francis Joseph Schuster
Schwartz, Howard John Howard John Schwartz
  Schwartz, John Joseph John Joseph Schwartz
Schwecke, Jack R. Jack R. Schwecke
  Scialpi, Louis Louis Scialpi
Scott , Audrey G. Audrey G. Scott
  Scott, Billy Jack Billy Jack Scott
  Scott, Harry Owen Harry Owen Scott
  Seaberry, Jackson Anthony Jackson Anthony Seaberry
  Seagrave, Stanley Edward Stanley Edward Seagrave
  Seaman, Merle Edward Merle Edward Seaman
  Sears, George "A", Jr. George "A" Sears, Jr.
  Sekolan, Casper Don Casper Don Sekolan
  Senogles, John Douglas John Douglas Senogles
  Sepe, Antonio William Antonio William Sepe
  Severin, Robert Stanley Robert Stanley Severin
  Seward, Herbert Franklin Herbert Franklin Seward
  Seymour, Merle Elliott Merle Elliott Seymour
Sharrett, Lester Allen Lester Allen Sharrett
  Shearer, Paul Edwin Paul Edwin Shearer
  Shels, Francis R. Francis R. Shels
Shippey, Charles Stuart Charles Stuart Shippey
  Shorrock, Richard Wentworth Richard Wentworth Shorrock
  Shugart, James Paul James Paul Shugart
  Sikes, Harold Lester Harold Lester Sikes
  Silver, Milton Milton Silver
  Simon, Hyman Lawrence Hyman Lawrence Simon
  Simonsen, Robert Charles Robert Charles Simonsen
  Singleton, Shelby T. Shelby T. Singleton
Sisler, P R - Ensign P. R. Sisler
  Sizemore, Richard Talmadge Richard Talmadge Sizemore
Skinner, Ross - Ensign Ross Skinner
Slattery, Jim Jim Slattery
  Slayton, Robert Nelson Robert Nelson Slayton
  Slocum , Raymond William Raymond William Slocum
  Slovick, William Francis William Francis Slovick
  Smith, Clarence Edward Clarence Edward Smith
Smith, Earl Charles, Jr. Earl Charles Smith, Jr.
  Smith, Glenn Henry Glenn Henry Smith
  Smith, John Donald John Donald Smith
  Smith, Mirel Ralph Mirel Ralph Smith
  Smith, Robert Beecher Robert Beecher Smith
Smith, Russell - Captain & Commanding Officer Russell Smith
Smith, Stewart Reed Stewart Reed Smith
  Smith, Walter Walter Smith
Smith, William Edwin William Edwin Smith
  Smith, William Eugene William Eugene Smith
Smyth, Bernard Bernard Smyth
  Snay, Gerald Harry Gerald Harry Snay
  Snipes, Thomas Gordon Thomas Gordon Snipes
  Snow, John John Snow
  Snyder, Milton Kline Milton Kline Snyder
  Solomon, Rudolph V. Rudolph V. Solomon
  Soo, Julius Frank Julius Frank Soo
  Sorick, Max Vol Max Vol Sorick
  Spalinger, James Wesley James Wesley Spalinger
  Spencer, John, Wesley John, Wesley Spencer
Squire, Thomas Paul Thomas Paul Squire
  Stachowski, Leonard Joseph Leonard Joseph Stachowski
  Stacy, Perry Lee Perry Lee Stacy
  Stahlbush, Robert E. Robert E. Stahlbush
  Stake, Dwight Dwight Stake
  Stallings, John Cook, Jr. John Cook Stallings, Jr.
  Standley, James Easter James Easter Standley
  Stanley, "J" Ingold "J" Ingold Stanley
  Starcher, Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Starcher
  Starito, Michael Joseph Michael Joseph Starito
  Steeby, Robert Curnutt Robert Curnutt Steeby
  Stelplugh, Max Gerald Max Gerald Stelplugh
  Stevens, Bill Devoy Bill Devoy Stevens
  Stevens, Robert Louis Robert Louis Stevens
  Stewart, James C. James C. Stewart
  Stith, Lawrence Samuel Lawrence Samuel Stith
  Stout, Robert "H" Robert "H" Stout
  Stracquadanio, Grazio J. Grazio J. Stracquadanio
  Strait, Daniel Leland Daniel Leland Strait
  Straley, Richard Robert Richard Robert Straley
  Stratton, Lewis Arthur Lewis Arthur Stratton
  Stuckey, "P" "D", Jr. "P" "D" Stuckey, Jr.
  Summers, Charles Harold Charles Harold Summers
  Supancic, Tony, Jr. Tony Supancic, Jr.
  Swigard, Joseph Paul Joseph Paul Swigard
  T     (Return to top)  
  Tamblyn, Donald W. Donald W. Tamblyn
  Tanksley, Bayard Rundle Bayard Rundle Tanksley
Tanner, Sylvan "Blackie" Sylvan Tanner
  Taylor, Frank James Frank James Taylor
  Taylor, Joseph Randolph Joseph Randolph Taylor
  Taylor, Paul Bennett Paul Bennett Taylor
  Teal, Jay Dee Jay Dee Teal
  Tempie, James Russell James Russell Tempie
Terry, Sherman W., Lt. Sherman W. Terry
  Teter, Robert May Robert May Teter
Tetrick, Robert Arthur Robert Arthur Tetrick
  Thayer, Charles Reed Charles Reed Thayer
  Thomas, Charlie Paul Charlie Paul Thomas
  Thomas, Homer Homer Thomas
  Thomas, Richard Daniel Richard Daniel Thomas
Thompson, Byron Merle Byron Merle Thompson
  Thompson, Donald Irvin Donald Irvin Thompson
Thornberry, L. C. L. C. Thornberry
  Thornton, Melvin Eugene Melvin Eugene Thornton
  Thrapp, Charles Delaware Charles Delaware Thrapp
  Threet, Athel Edward Athel Edward Threet
  Timmons, Ozro Ozro Timmons
  Titus, Lonnie "B" Lonnie "B" Titus
Tomhave, Wesley G. Wesley G. Tomhave
Trahan, Earnest Alcide Earnest Alcide Trahan
  Traina, Ignacio Alphonso Ignacio Alphonso Traina
  Trani, Amario Amario Trani
  Travis, John Robert John Robert Travis
  Trpka, Andrew Andrew Trpka
  Truitt, Ira W. - Captain & Commanding Officer Ira W. Truitt
Trunick, Robert William Robert William Trunick
  Tubbs, Cecil Shirley Cecil Shirley Tubbs
  Turnbow, Amos Dale Amos Dale Turnbow
  Turpitt, Richard thomas Richard thomas Turpitt
  Tutay, Edward John Edward John Tutay
  Tycholiz, Walter Steve Walter Steve Tycholiz
  U     (Return to top)  
  Ulrich, Kenneth Warren Kenneth Warren Ulrich
  Usher, Ralph , Jr. Ralph Usher, Jr.
  V     (Return to top)  
  Vail, Nathan Columbus, Jr. Nathan Columbus Vail, Jr.
  Van Vuren, Robert Robert Van Vuren
  Vaughn, Glenn L. Glenn L. Vaughn
  Veach, Leslie "R" Leslie "R" Veach
Vedros, Jamsel Joseph Jamsel Joseph Vedros
Vincent, Cranston G. Cranston G. Vincent
  Vinson, Hanley Bruce Hanley Bruce Vinson
  Von See, Curtis Boyd Curtis Boyd Von See
  Vreeland, John Quinby John Quinby Vreeland
  W     (Return to top)  
  Waddell, Robert H. Robert H. Waddell
  Wagner, Paul Paul Wagner
Wagoner, John James "Jack" John James Wagoner
Wainscott, James Willard James Willard Wainscott
  Walch, George James George James Walch
  Walker, Erwin Hallett Erwin Hallett Walker
Walker, George Willard George Willard Walker
  Walling, Lloyd Campbell Lloyd Campbell Walling
Wansleben, William Bruff William Bruff Wansleben
  Ward, James Elliott James Elliott Ward
  Webb, Aubrey Lee Aubrey Lee Webb
  Wedgeworth, Calvin Hahn Calvin Hahn Wedgeworth
  Weipert, Victor Franklin Victor Franklin Weipert
Weisbecker, Norman C., Lt. Norman C. Weisbecker
  Weisenstein, Lowell Idell Lowell Idell Weisenstein
  Welch, Edward Logan Edward Logan Welch
Welch, Kenneth Edward Kenneth Edward Welch
  Weldon, John Albert John Albert Weldon
  Weldon, Lowell Jackie Lowell Jackie Weldon
  Wells , Alvin Glen Alvin Glen Wells
  West , John Wesley John Wesley West
  Westergard, Carl Peter Carl Peter Westergard
Whalen, John Michael John Michael Whalen
  Whelan, Raymond Vincent Raymond Vincent Whelan
White, Philip Lawrence Philip Lawrence White
  Whitfield, William Arthur William Arthur Whitfield
Whoolery, Harold Meridith Harold Meridith Whoolery
  Williams, Ben Herbert Ben Herbert Williams
  Williams, Charles Vance, Jr. Charles Vance Williams, Jr.
  Williams, Thomas Thomas Williams
  Williamson, Frank Patrick Frank Patrick Williamson
Willis, Melton Preston Melton Preston Willis
  Wilson, Marvin Duane Marvin Duane Wilson
  Wilson, Robert Wilder Robert Wilder Wilson
Wilson, William R. William R. Wilson
Wimberly, Kermit Eugene Kermit Eugene Wimberly
  Windsor, James Amyes James Amyes Windsor
  Winter, Arthur Bruce Arthur Bruce Winter
  Wirt, Oliver Irving Oliver Irving Wirt
  With, Alvin Leroy Alvin Leroy With
  Wolff, Charles Fredrick Charles Fredrick Wolff
  Woodard, Robert E. Robert E. Woodard
  Woodard, William Charles William Charles Woodard
  Word, Robert Lee Robert Lee Word
Wrase, William Adolph, Jr. William Adolph Wrase, Jr.
  Wyse, John Arthur John Arthur Wyse
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  Y     (Return to top)  
Yackeren, Charles Edward Charles Edward Yackeren
Yandle, Harold Dean Harold Dean Yandle
  Yee, Moon Quon Moon Quon Yee
  Yerich, John Louis John Louis Yerich
  Youles, Robert Donald Robert Donald Youles
Youngberg, Carl Fredrick, Jr. Carl Fredrick Youngberg, Jr.
  Z     (Return to top)  
  Zacharias, William Edward William Edward Zacharias
  Zamiara, Leonard Frank Leonard Frank Zamiara
  Zizila, James James Zizila

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