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USS Ormsby (APA-49) Photo Gallery 6

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If you have any pictures to contribute or if you can identify any of the unidentified people in these photos, please contact me by clicking here.

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Captains Gig in Davit Kermit Wimberly Schilcher Twins &
Jack Schwecke
Leonard Schilcher George Briers &
Jim Bobbitt
Jim Bobbitt &
George Briers
Standing: Emil Fredio
& Edward Buclary
Kneeling: Carl Youngberg
Honolulu 3/27/45
L to R Hank Yandle
Jim Bobbitt
George Briers
Charles Yackern
& William Braun
George Briers age 20
Manila 9/4/45
Charles Yackern &
George Briers
Edward Buclary L to R (Men Only)
Ray Peek, Earl Oden,
Unknown, Emil Fedio
& John Whalen
Back: Benny Kern & Blake Beattie
Front: Tom Bonilla
Howard J. Schwartz
& Jim Lauck
William Braun &
George Briers
Charles Peterson
Charles Peterson Lowell Wayne "Jake" Cannon Ormsby Returns
December 21, 1945
Charles Vaughn follis Tommy Squire, Chuck Shippey and Chuck Follis
?, Tommy Squire, Chuck Follis, ?, and Chuck Shippey Larry Fisher, ?, and Chuck Follis Lester Sharrett & Frank Horka Brothers Lester & Doug Sharrett Lester Sharrett
Unidentified Shipmates Carlos Decker's
Diesel School Graduation
Herb Matta Arkie Blackwood
Navy Days
Arkie Blackwood
Fall 2009
Walter Lee Blaire Joe Pintozzi Norman Golightly James Edward Carter James Edward Carter & friends
James Edward Carter & friends James Edward Carter & friends James Edward Carter & friends USS Ormsby Lajoyce Bray (left) & Friend