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USS Ormsby (APA-49) Photo Gallery 4

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The pictures on this page have been contributed by various people. If  you can identify any of the unidentified people in these photos, or if you have any pictures to contribute, please contact me by clicking here.

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Ormsby Sailors at a party Night Club in Portland, Oregon December 1945 Crew of Captain's Gig Ormsby at Haiphong,
French Indochina
Ormsby at Takao, Formosa 11/18/45
Leonard DeLoach Gunner's Mates & Fire Controlmen
(Names on Caption)
Back of photo on Left Howard Marlar James McAdam
Unknown Sailor & "Hula Girl" Robert Leo Adams & James McAdam Clowning For The Camera Unknown Sailor & "Hula Girl" James McAdam & "Hula Girl" Jose Ferreira
Arthur Clay Black Hayes Edward Drum James W. Crutchfield Harold Hershel Johnson Doris & Harold Johnson
Howard J. Schwartz
Newspaper Article
Walton Holmes Knaus
on the right
Bill Hutchinson PH1 and W. H. Knaus in Waikiki Marine Passengers aboard an APA (Possibly Ormsby) At a bar in San Diego
W. H. Knaus left of center
Signal Crew Melton Preston Willis Jack Wagoner & Jackie Genders Jack Wagoner
Hawaii 1944
Jack Wagoner on Hatch #5 Winch
Jack Wagoner & Billye Forbes 1946 James Floyd May & Unitentified Sailor Virginia & Harry Higgins Harry Higgins Harry Higgins
(Kneeling Center)
Thomas Prescott Booth John Lloyd Galloway Oliver Joseph O'Brien Oliver Joseph O'Brien John Galloway names "Hi-Tide"