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USS Ormsby (APA-49) Photo Gallery 3

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The pictures on this page are from My father's (Earnie Trahan's) WWII scrap book & photo album. If  you can identify any of the unidentified people in these photos, please contact me by clicking here.

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L to R: Earnie Trahan
T.J. "Larry" Eggelston
Harold Whoolery
Howard Marlar
Kermit E. Wimberley
The same 6 Friends aboard the USS Ormsby The same 6 Friends aboard the USS Ormsby Men playing ball aboard the USS Ormsby Sailors standing on a stack of life rafts. That may be a movie screen below them.
The same 6 Friends aboard the USS Ormsby The same 6 Friends aboard the USS Ormsby Dad had a 20-day leave allowing him to be home for Christmas 1944 Mom & Dad
Dorothy & Earnie Trahan
Christmas 1944 
Dad (Earnie Trahan) & my Uncle "Buddy" (Robert E. Marsh) meet by chance in Honolulu
Earnie Trahan Laundry Crew Top Row: J. P. Choppa, W. E. Smith, K. E Wimberley, ? Bottom Row: Larry Egelston, Earnie Trahan ?, J. P. Choppa, W. E. Smith, Larry Egelston W. E. Smith & ? This patch never got sewn on to Dad's uniform.
Dad & a friend drinking warm beer on an unknown beach Dad & a friend Dad (Earnie Trahan) Unknown friend of Dad's - Note Ormsby & landing craft in background Dad & a friend
Dad in front of San Diego rollercoaster which Mom loved to ride Mom & Dad in
"Tia Juana Jail"
"Walker" & Dad
Honolulu June 1945
George W. Walker & Earnie Trahan
Honolulu June 1945
Ship's Dance May 1945 Moose Club Seattle Washington
A page from Dad's WWII Photo Album Charles Shippey standing center Mom & Dad at the Swing Club
 Hollywood, CA
Dad's Shellback Certificate Dad's Shellback Certificate Detail